Otherrealms is a group of three Live Action Role-Playing games (Larp games) that take place on a given weekend of every month.

It is south west of Indianapolis, Indiana at the Bradford woods north end lodge. 7575 Beech Grove Rd, Monrovia, IN

Survive is on Fridays, check in starts at 8pm and the game runs from 9pm - 1am.

Kishar and Wanderlust alternate between Saturdays and Sundays.

We have a pot luck style supply of food or you are welcome to not participate in the pot luck and bring your own.

Game fees are as follows.

Kishar 15$
Wanderlust 15$
Survive 14$ (includes extra night in the lodge)
5$ to play on team zombie.
5$ to stay on Fridays without playing but you must stay out of the main areas of the lodge while it is in use for game.

Free to NPC/Crew for all three games.